Kristen Dunn

Co-Founder | Creative Producer

Growing up in Kansas with all the open land gave me an unexplainable connection with the outdoors and exploration. Traveling to places such as the Colorado Rockies to the British Virgin Islands allowed me to learn how to ski, surf, sail and snorkel. My curiosity of learning how to document all my travel adventures led me to attend film school in Southern California at Chapman University. I developed new skills in filming and received my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Film Production emphasizing in Directing. After graduating college, I worked various jobs in the film industry ranging from Assistant Production Accountant to Production Coordinator. All these experiences have taught me not only how to make stories, but also how to make a positive impact in people’s lives with storytelling. Freesoul Projects emerged from my passion for the outdoors, adventures and action sports. We hope Freesoul Projects can be a platform to connect and inspire others with the freedom and adventure in action sports.



Loren Silva

Co-Founder | Project Manager 

Born and raised in Southern California, I had the opportunity to live nearby the beach which developed my passion for the outdoors. Growing up, my family and I would travel around the world and make frequent visits to the islands of Hawaii. The trips to Hawaii encouraged me to look into a water sport and soon enough I learned how to body board and eventually transitioned into surfing. Being active intrigued me into studying and earning my Bachelor’s in Kinesiology emphasizing on Clinical Exercise at California State University of Fullerton. During my undergrad I worked as a swim instructor teaching all ages from infants to adults how to swim and how to be safe in the water. I also became an EMT and taught surfing as a teacher assistant at my university. Prior to graduating, I did my senior internship at the Volcom Headquarters where I learned about the action sport community as well as the business aspect within the industry. As part of Freesoul Projects, I want to share my passion and experience with the outdoors. I want to encourage everyone to live an active lifestyle and venture to the outdoors. Explore the world and enjoy!