Breathing into the Depth

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New South Wales – photo by Emma-Jane Eeles

“Sitting by the sea I feel as if I am in a dream. The sky is a light grey with white clouds rolling from the south. I am perched on a green grassy headland, dotted with small yellow daisies. Crickets chirp happily and a male whip bird calls to his female partner from the littoral rainforest to my right. I have spent the morning sharing offshore glassy waves with my beautiful partner on our longboards. We have been sharing days like this for the past 2 months since he left his job a week before we met under a sky full of sunshine. A gypsy girl and a travelling romeo, perhaps having lived parallel lives for some time before we met in the physical realm. I dreamt of him many moons ago, long ago relinquishing the dream of him entering into my universe but knowing now that he was there all along. Living this sea life on the road you get used to being alone, it’s always just you and the wide blue horizon. This freedom comforts me so much more than the city skyline, where humans rush around as if on a constant high, never stopping to appreciate the beauty of the moment or what is offered to the spirit in the now. He too feels this calling. And like me, he has answered it for many years. Meeting him feels like I have come home to a truth that I have innately known deep within. Sharing these moments in silence with each other by the sea and with just a smile reminds me of the love within the human connection. I reflect on humanity and immediately I shed a tear. I feel the pain of the human race at an empathetic level and I send love out into the universe as the wind whips at the blonde tresses hanging loose below my hat. As I look to the sky I pray for humanity, that they too may find this incredible inner peace and stop searching in the shallows, instead choosing the depth.” -Emma-Jane

Article and Photo provided by Emma-Jane


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