Layer by Layer

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I came across Holly Shoebridge’s photography and could feel the depth in her photos as each layer was saying something unique. Holly’s photography is a representation of the different layers we all possess as humans which intrigued me to learn more about how she’s able to translate those layers with her camera.


Holly’s background is deeply rooted with the ocean. She grew up in the Northern beaches of Sydney, Australia and had her first connection with the ocean when her dad started pushing her into waves to surf. She remembered hassling her dad to take her out surfing and by age six she stood up on her first wave. The ocean became a way of life for Holly and had a way of soothing her soul.


In 2008, Holly and her husband moved to the United Kingdom where they could live and explore a new location. While Holly was working in accounting in the U.K. she discovered an interest in photography.


“While taking picture of our travels, I found I have an obsession with sunrises. I love getting up at 5am to see how each morning brings different colors and different clouds. Capturing the sunrise helps me relieve any anxiety I have and allows me to stay true to the moment. My creativity starts to flow when I’m in the moment and not worrying about anything.” – Holly Shoebridge

Universal Flow

Holly then experimented more with photography and started layering and blending photos. The style of her photos is a reflection of her personality and resembles how we can be many things at once, have many emotions at once and that we are all complex.


“Photography is an extension of my eccentric personality while accounting allows me to use a completely different headspace that is structured and analytical. I’ve heard so many people tell me they aren’t creative, I strongly disagree. Every single one of us has a special little creative spark inside that we can tap into. Photograph what you love and inspiration and creativity will flow.”

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All photography provided by Holly Shoebridge

Article written by Kristen Dunn | Founder Freesoul Projects