Natalia Anja and her Global Degree

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Who wouldn’t want to travel to every country in the world and graduate with a Global Degree! Freesoul Projects had the incredible opportunity to speak with Natalia Anja a photographer on the Discovery Digital Networks television show “Global Degree” a show about a group of friends traveling to every country in the world and documenting their experiences.


The first season started with Alex Hennessy and Michael Graziano who traveled to Central and South America. Natalia was introduced in the second season where she joined Alex and Michael traveling to 23 countries around Asia. They had a planned itinerary, but if they liked a particular country they might stay two weeks rather than two days.


“I think this flexible itinerary really allowed us to be in the moment and learn about each person we met, each adventure and new experience. One of the most memorable moments for me so far was when we were in Japan. The people we met there were so happy and I asked one man why? He said, “because we’re so rich…so rich in love.”


Natalia’s love for travel and adventure started when she was a little girl. Natalia was born in Poland, she grew up in Greece and her family immigrated to Canada. By the time she arrived in Canada, Natalia could speak 3 languages and had experienced many different cultures. This was just the start.


“At age 23, I moved to Italy and my dad gave me a DSLR camera to capture my experience. I couldn’t find a job for the life of me because of the language barrier so I spent most of my time teaching myself how to take photos. Back then my dream job was to be a professional photographer, but I had so many self-doubts and fears that it didn’t seam ‘realistic’ at the time. Three years later, I set fear aside and pursued my passion in becoming a professional photographer.” 


All of Natalia’s experiences and choices have led her to be on the show Global Degree. With season 1 and 2 complete, season 3 will start in April 2016 where the group will travel to each country in Europe for a total of 8 months. They are also adding another member to their show! If you want to travel through every country in Europe and document experiences with the team, check out their website on how to apply!


“Photography has given me so much and I hope people feel inspired to go travel and experience the world when they look at my photos.”    -Natalia Anja

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Photography provided by Natalia Anja

Article written by Kristen Dunn | Founder | Freesoul Projects