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I was out surfing at Venice Breakwater when I heard a voice cheering me on in the lineup. That voice gave me a boost of courage and I was able to catch the wave and soar through the water. I had to find out who gave me that courage and so I paddled back and met Chloe Kojima, a warm hearted warrior and the founder of Seadom.


Chloe grew up in Redondo Beach, California and had a fascination with the ocean at a young age. Her twin brother, Alex started skateboarding at a young age and Chloe thought if her twin could skateboard then of course she could skateboard. Soon after at age 7, Chloe and her brother picked up surfing and they fell in love with the water.


“Even when I was 4 years old I would take my boogie board into my grandma’s pool and kept asking her to time me to see how long I could stand up. One time I was able to stand up on the boogie board in the water for 10 minutes!” – Chloe Kojima

Chloe and her brother joined the Junior Lifeguards and then started surfing on their Middle School and High School Surf teams.


“I loved surf practice, it was awesome! We’d wake up super early around 5:30am, my mom would make us protein shakes and then take us to the beach where we would surf with the team for 2 1/2 hours every day. It became our community and part of our family.”



After graduating from High School, Chloe went to UCLA and surfed outside of school, but something was different. It was missing the community feeling like she had when she was in High School.


“I would rarely see any girls in the lineup surfing which was so different for me because in High School there were lots of girls out surfing together. It gets competitive in the water and I felt I was more encouraged to paddle out and to catch waves when I had my friends out there with me.”


Chloe wanted to find that sense of community in the water and what better way to find it than to create it! Therefore, Chloe created Seadom a platform for women and friends to be encouraged and connect through stories, photography, and videos about the ocean.



“I want to inspire as many surfers to get stoked about the ocean. Seadom came from that sense of freedom the ocean gives you, and I really want girls to feel encouraged in the water and to just go for it because you never know what will happen if you just try!”

Find out more about Chloe and Seadom below!

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All photos provided by Chloe Kojima | Founder of Seadom

Article written by Kristen Dunn | Founder of Freesoul Projects